Published Articles:

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Forthcoming Articles:

The Influence of Reactive Oxygen Species on "Respiration" Isotope Effects

Sutherland, K. M., Hemingway, J. D., Johnston, D. T.

Dynamic diel proteome and daytime nitrogenase activity supports buoyancy in Trichodesmium erythraeum

Held, N. A.,Waterbury, J. B.,Webb, E. A., Kellogg, M. M., McIlvin, M. R., Jakuba, M., Valois, F. W., Moran, D. M., Sutherland, K. M., Mak A. Saito, M. A.

Theoretical estimates of sulfoxyanion triple-oxygen equilibrium isotope effects and their implications

Hemingway, J. D., Goldberg, M. L., Sutherland, K. M., , Johnston, D. T.